Our Story

After a long hot day in Worthing during 2018 I was relaxing on Worthing Pier having a well-deserved drink whilst overlooking the Worthing Med. It’s times like this that the mind wanders and sends you in all directions. It was one of those moments and some would say the crossroads!

A classic Worthing Gin I felt was required. All I had to do now was to follow it through with a great original recipe, hard work and a bit of luck. That very evening in the hot sun I started sketching ideas for a logo as well as what I would like in a classic but distinctive Gin.

The next day I started researching all aspects of the project and I knew then this was going to be a fun and exciting journey.

I contacted Tom a friend who had a distillery and who were also on a similar journey but a few years further down the road.

“I knew this was going to be a fun and exciting journey...”

After Several meetings and discussions together explaining what I felt was needed for an original recipe combining  a classic taste that rolls in your mouth as well as an aroma that leaves you wanting more. We played around with various botanicals and started blending the flavours late in to the night. The results of our hard work and sleepless nights is hopefully that you’re either reading this with a glass of Worthing Gin in your hand or you are going to the Shopping tab on the website and ordering a bottle soon.

The label and branding for Worthing Gin I felt should have a classic timeless feel just like the drink we wanted to produce. That very first evening the concept of the stamp label with Worthing Pier in the centre was drawn. Worthing Pier has had a chequered history and some of the significant dates and details we have documented on the bottle. The blue label (besides been the colour of my eyes!) seemed an obvious choice as we have the most beautiful shoreline stretching East and West all overlooking the Worthing Med.

Just like an original stamp which has its own journey once posted, Worthing Gin has now just started its own exciting moment and we welcome you on board. Cin Cin

"A timeless drink to be enjoyed"
Worthing Gin

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